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About Isaiah Industries

Isaiah Industries operates on the leading edge in the metal roofing industry across North America. Based in Ohio, we have provided quality metal roofing products since 1980, made in the USA and installed on homes, commercial properties and churches for a lifetime of beauty and protection.

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About Isaiah Industries, Homeowners Associations, and Architectural Review Boards

Almost every component of home construction has changed for greater durability. Isn’t it time that roofing does, too?

In the past, many Homeowners Associations and Architectural Review Boards have discouraged the use of metal roofing. Condominium management groups have also shied away from it. Despite its benefits including longevity, energy efficiency, wind resistance, and fire safety, the concern has been that metal roofs would detract from property beauty and value. In fact, many such groups have even written covenants that specifically say “Metal roofs are not allowed.” This has all been borne out of decision makers seeing metal roofs on agricultural, commercial, and industrial buildings, and knowing that they did not want that look in their neighborhood.

Isaiah Industries is working to change misconceptions.

We have manufactured the world’s most beautiful metal roofs since 1980. Over the years, we have worked with countless homeowners associations, architectural review boards, and condominium management groups to help them understand that the right metal roofs will enhance the beauty and value of their homes.

We have seen many covenants re-written to exclude the type of metal roofs they do not want – those that work and look best on a barn or shopping center – and encourage the use of metal roofs that fit well in any residential setting and result in energy savings and other benefits for their residents.

Isaiah Industries: A Roofing Solution for the Future

With the best warranties in the industries, a proven commitment to customer satisfaction, and a wide network of roofing professionals across the United States, Isaiah Industries can be a great partner for your Homeowner’s Association. Contact us today, to learn more about how we help your association or architectural review board.

Nothing resists streaking and staining better than metal roofing...